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(FREE SHIPPING) - A phrase has come into the Zeitgeist – calling people the “Trump of their field.” Elon Musk is the Trump of business. Many leaders still do not know how to react to President Trump; to his decision to control immigration; 3+% economic growth and, especially, to the absolutely justified desire to implement a pro-US policy.

Europe has been awakened from its somnolence by the vigor and determination with which US President Donald Trump has changed the face of America and indeed, the entire world. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, mainland Europe has been stuck in the old politics of the 20th century. The annihilation of the European Socialists in the European Parliament and the European Council (where they only count a handful of heads of state) is birthing a new European era.

Europe, like the rest of the world, needs Trump in order to re-learn how to do politics, instead of winding endless tales from which no one understands anything, and no one takes any firm decisions. The Trump of America must lead the world in uniting Western Civilization against an onslaught of weak, feeble centrists and leftists at home and abroad. Europe needs Trump in order to wake up from its zealous overconfidence in its capacity to assimilate millions of non-Europeans into its cultures.

The world also needs Trump and America to learn the value of the nation state and policies based on the community called the "nation."

Every nation in the world needs a president or prime minister like Donald Trump – pushing their nation towards its greater destiny.

Every nation needs presidents that puts their nation first and fights for the interests of those who voted for them!

Trump's World shows how Trump has bent the arc of modern history in the US and how other leaders will do the same across the world as popular sovereigntists win the day. This book is 

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